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SIFIDE II it’s a Tax Incentive System that aims to support the efforts of Companies in Research and Development by deducting the respective expenses from the IRC collection.

Does your company invest in the creation of new products or processes?

A percentage of expenses related to technical personnel, raw materials and components, among others, may qualify for a tax benefit. 

What expenses contribute to this tax benefit?

Expenses related to the development of new products and / or processes, namely:

  • Acquisitions of property, plant and equipment (new)
  • Expenses with technical staff (basic salaries + costs with social security)
  • Raw materials, components and consumables
  • Operating expenses (rent, electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Hiring of R&D activities
  • Patent registration and maintenance costs
  • Expenses with the acquisition of patents
  • Among others.

How is the tax deduction calculated?

On the amount of eligible expenses we must calculate the following rates:

  • 32.50% on expenses incurred in the period;
  • + 50% on the increase in expenses (in relation to the average of the 2 previous years).


  • If it is an SME with less than 2 years of activity, the base rate of 47.5% applies directly.
  • The tax benefit can be deducted up to the next eighth financial year.

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