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If you’re living in Portugal with children, we can help you find the most suitable school for them.


Preschool education in Portugal

Defined as the first stage of basic education in the lifelong learning process.

Preschool education for children between the ages of three and five is still optional. Kindergartens are run by a variety of state organizations, charitable institutions, private schools, cooperatives, and unions.


Compulsory schooling: basic education

Basic education (ensino básico) is compulsory and free for everyone. It is for children between six and fifteen. Pupils who complete this schooling receive a certificate of basic education.


Post-compulsory schooling: secondary education

Secondary education is a cycle of specific studies and includes various courses intended principally to prepare young people to go on to higher education or to enter the labor market. It spans three years, corresponding to school years 10, 11, and 12.


International schools in Portugal

You can find English-speaking international schools in Portugal, especially in primary and secondary education.




Yellow presents the GROW Training Academy whose mission is to train and develop the human capital of organizations, based on innovative training methodologies.

Our GROW Training Academy has been in the market for 25 years and creates responses to your needs with the following Training Modalities:

  • Inter-company training: training actions open to the market in general and with a predefined timetable.
  • Intra-company training: (tailored training): training actions tailored to the specific needs of each person, taking into account the organizational reality and the profile of its employees.
  • One-to-one training: training given individually, allowing the customization of the syllabus to the needs of each participant.
  • Learning Skills Workshops: With concrete and focused learning objectives, Learning Skills Workshops are conceptualized to work on specific skills.
  • Team Building / Corporate: An activity plan is designed for each project, with format and dynamics defined according to the objectives to be achieved and the characteristics of the teams to be involved.

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