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Portugal 2020

We provide consultancy solutions and incentives for Portugal 2020, the new community framework to support the Portuguese economy, in force between 2014 and 2020, replacing the previous one called QREN (Strategic Framework for National Reference).

Portugal 2020 translates into a Partnership Agreement established with the European Commission. This agreement defines the principles and objectives of the economic, social and territorial development policy for Portugal. The agreement established a financial support of 25 billion euros, to be implemented until 2020.

Portugal 2020 is based on the following European Funds:


  • FEEI – European Structural and Investment Funds
  • FEDER – European Regional Development Fund
  • FC – Cohesion Fund
  • FSE – European Social Fund
  • FEADER – European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
  • FEAMP – European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund.


These funds support 16 Operational Programs. Among these operational programs, we highlight:

  • Regional Operational Programs (North, Center, Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve, Azores and Madeira);
  • Thematic Operational Programs (Compete 2020, POISE, POCH, POSEUR);
  • Rural Development Programs (PDR 2020, ProRural).

These programs aim to operationalize the policies defined in the community framework, Portugal 2020.

Among the 25 billion Euros defined for Portugal 2020, around 6 billion are directed to Companies, within the scope of the regional operational programs and Compete 2020.

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