To be a Digital Nomad in Portugal has become easier than ever since a new visa was introduced at the end of last year.

Portugal is now giving remote workers a temporary stay visa of one year or the opportunity to renew it for up to five years! So far, around 200 Digital Nomad Visas have been issued to citizens from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.

And, according to Holidu, a leading search engine for accommodation, Lisbon is not only a magnet for property investors but also the best city in Europe for Digital Nomads, due to easy access to co-working spaces, internet infrastructure, tax incentives, and all the perks of living in a cosmopolitan city by the sea.

But how do you apply for a Digital Nomad Visa? What are the main requirements? To make your life easier, we’ve prepared a guide. Let’s get started?

How can you remote work from Portugal?

Remote workers can live and work from Portugal if they apply for the new Digital Nomad Visa and earn at least 2.836 euros per month. Bear in mind, though, that this visa is only available for citizens from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area.

So, if you live in the USA, UK, Brazil, Canada, or another country, it’s important to decide what kind of visa you want. The Digital Nomad Visa has two categories, both very appealing:

  • A temporary stay visa for up to one year, the best solution for short-term residence;
  • A residency visa that can be renewed for up to five years, available for those who fancy a longer stay in the country and explore all the wonders of Portugal.

The latter has another important advantage: remote workers can apply for Portuguese citizenship after five years, which gives them the right to live, work, and study within the EU.

How to start your application for the Digital Nomad Visa?

Step 1 starts with an online form on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal website, followed by an appointment with your nearest Portuguese Embassy to deliver all requested information. This will then grant you a four-month authorization to enter Portugal and complete the application process.

A Cover Letter must accompany this first request, detailing the reasons behind the request, plans for staying in Portugal, and how this residency will be financed. Applicants must also present:

  • Proof of regular income (bank statements or employment certificate showing a consistent income);
  • Valid passport;
  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal (valid for 12 months);
  • Clean criminal record;
  • Health insurance, for the first four months of your stay.

After submitting the application and supporting documentation, a visa will be granted. It is possible to track the progress online, but usually it can take up to 4 months for your visa to be approved.

How to reside in Portugal as a Digital Nomad?

Now comes step 2: as soon as the visa is approved, remote workers are free to enter Portugal and they have four months to register as residents.

To do so, a residency permit must be requested at the Immigration and Border Services (SEF), but now all your documents must be translated into Portuguese and certified.

During these first four months, you’ll also need to obtain a Tax Number (NIF), which in turn will be useful for opening a bank account and contacting an internet provider.

Is it time-consuming? Yes, but we’ll make your life easier!

If you want to start your journey as a Digital Nomad in Portugal, we’ll guide you through your application process. We have a team of experts ready to help you get settled and enjoy all the benefits that Portugal has for you!

Feel free to contact us to start now!