Are you ready to invest in your company’s Productive Innovation through funding from Portugal 2030? If so, this is the right time to set everything into motion: the first call to support investments in the production of new goods and services will open this month, in April!

That’s right: the first call for businesses Productive Innovation will open in a matter of weeks and it will provide funding for investment projects promoted by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Throughout 2023, this program will have four deadlines, with a global budget of 400 million euros.

Therefore, the sooner you prepare your application, the better your chances of obtaining funding to invest in your company’s future.

Portugal 2030: how to apply for Productive Innovation?

This first call from Portugal 2020 successor will support projects for new products, services, or processes. This means SMEs will have funding available to move forward with investments such as:

  • Construction of new facilities and renovation works;
  • Acquisition of new equipment for the production area;
  • Energy efficiency systems;
  • Hardware and Software for the production area.

Rates and fees will be known as soon as the call is officially launched. Don’t forget, though, that this is a demanding program and is not enough to merely invest in new equipment or to enlarge your company’s energy efficiency system.

To apply for funding under the Productive Innovation call, companies must first tackle these five steps:

  1. Ensure that investments meet the program’s criteria;
  2. To comply with all eligibility requirements;
  3. Put together an investment plan for, at least, 24 months;
  4. Draw a growth strategy for the company’s future;
  5. Rely on investment experts.

Ready to invest in Productive Innovation? We’re here to help!

To help our foreign investors and guide them on their way to PT2030 funding, YELLOW PORTUGAL has partnered with Estrategor, a team of professionals specialized in investment projects, who have been helping companies achieve their goals for the past 28 years.

If you have an innovative project and you’re ready to invest in Portugal, feel free to contact us for more information!